Public Health Law Information Portal (2017)

To create a solution to help CDC lawyers efficiently conduct policy surveillance. The current process is manual, time intensive, and prone to error.

The R&D team developed version one of the Public Health Law Information Portal (PHLIP) web app which makes coding and analyzing legal text more efficient, less prone to error, and facilitates team collaboration.

Because of the complex user interface (UI) requirements of PHLIP, React.js was used to create a UI based on material design that was flexible and intuitive for legal analysts.

PHLIP architecture was modularized and comprised of a front-end app (React/Node.js) for UI and a back-end app (.NET Core) for API/Data Access to allow efficient scaling and integration of additional modules in the future.

Docker was used in the development of this application significantly streamlining the process of deploying code across development and test servers.

Phase two, which includes document management and other enhancements, is currently in development.



CDC Public Health Law Program (PHLP)


  • Single page web app development
  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Web Design/Development
  • RESTful API
  • MongoDB
  • .NET Core
  • ReactJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Docker