The CDC Technology R&D Team is in the Technology Modernization Office in CDC’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).


Since 2007, we have been a resource for CDC and the public health community to study, prototype, and test new and innovative technologies to maximize public health impact.


Better, faster, cost-effective technology solutions to improve public health…


The CDC Technology R&D Team began as an informal technology collaboration space and off-network R&D Cloud created in the National Center for Public Health Informatics. In 2010, we became a formally designated agency-wide technology R&D unit named Informatics Research & Development Activity, created within the Office of Surveillance Epidemiology and Laboratory Services. After organizational changes in 2013, we became the Informatics Innovation Unit (UII); then in 2019, UII transitioned to OCIO and merged with the IT Services Office R&D Team and the Enterprise IT Portfolio Office staff to become the Emerging Technology and Design Acceleration Branch in the Customer Engagement Office. The CDC Technology R&D Team has worked with numerous public health and industry partners, helping to overcome a variety of technology roadblocks in support of their public health missions.

Our Team

The CDC Technology R&D Team has broad expertise in IT, public health informatics, and clinical medicine, and together we drive innovation for the CDC and the public health community.